Hello, and
Welcome to Edify!

We are a full-service editorial company, working exclusively in health care. Our editors have years of advertising agency experience, so:

  • We know AMA style and FDA guidelines
  • We know the pharma industry
  • We understand agency process and pressures

Our Philosophy

We believe good communication, sound process, skilled editors with the desire to keep learning, and a collaborative, supportive work environment are the keys to building a strong team and enduring relationships with our clients. We focus every day on giving clients our best and believe this commitment is reflected in our work.

Our Goal

Simply stated, our goal is to help our clients to wow their clients on every job, every time. We understand how important it is for a team to deliver error-free work on time; we also appreciate how difficult that can be sometimes, given the tight timelines many teams work under.

We combine top-notch pharma editors and time-saving processes, allowing us to deliver high-quality work and save clients’ valuable time. Our team can accommodate any level of editing or fact checking and almost any timeline.

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