John, Partner
John has been an editor for nearly 30 years. He started his career in newspapers, moving into health care more than 20 years ago. He spent several years writing and editing for clinical trial and diagnostics trade publications before moving into advertising, where he has held management positions at several agencies. John brings to Edify a deep appreciation for language and the rules of grammar but also a focus on editorial process and the role of editorial in the digital future. He is an advocate for editing tools, skill sets, and processes that help create efficiency and produce high-quality work for clients.
Beth, Partner
Beth has been an editor in health care for 20 years and in pharma for 15 years. She spent 5 years writing and editing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology trade publications before making the switch to pharma. Beth has worked on dozens of accounts as a senior editor at both large and small agencies in New York and New Jersey. She brings to Edify an eye for detail and a focus on building a top-notch team that delivers practical solutions and high-quality work for Edify clients. Helping our clients to shine for their clients is her priority.
Gay, Senior Editor
Gay is a seasoned medical editor, with more than 20 years’ experience in both the continuing education and promotional sectors of the industry. She also has been involved in clinical research, working at a contract research organization that conducted phase 3b clinical trials. Gay’s responsibilities included editing study reports and preparing manuscripts for journal submission. Before becoming an editor, Gay worked in the academic field as an instructor of English at the college level. For several years, she taught composition and conducted writing tutorials, with an emphasis on the clear expression of ideas and the finer points of grammar and punctuation. Her combined professional experiences have provided her over the years with a strong foundation in the principles of good writing and strengthened her skills as an editor.
Maddie, Junior Editor
Maddie has a natural gift for language and a knack for editing. She brought a can-do attitude and quickly learned AMA and the ins and outs of editing for pharma. She has a digital-age perspective that we love and is on her way to being a talented editor or copywriter.

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